Assamese Actress

Hi Assamese actress fans, this page is dedicated to hot and sizzling actresses of Assam. There are not many races in India that have such beautiful and sensuous women as Assam (though we belief that sexy women are found throughout India, in all communities).

The history of the Assamese cinema traces back to 1935 when Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala, poet, composer, playwright, freedom fighter played a vital role in the production of the first Assamese movie Joymati. Since then the film industry has produced a large number of commercial and non-commercial movies.

The film industry has witnessed many great actresses over these years. Check out popular Assamese actress here:

Aideu Handique
Ashima Bhalla
Biju Phukan
Bindiya Goswami
Chetana Das
Jamuna Baruah
Jatin Bora
Kapil Bora
Moloya Goswami
Phani Sarma
Renu Saikia
Zerifa Wahid